Dining Hall

Western Life Camp is the ideal summer destination for groups of up to a hundred people.  The camp offers a dining lodge, full kitchen, two barbecue pits, recreation hall, basketball half-court, and eight guest cabins, all surrounding a spacious grassy acre.

Dining lodge
seats 65 persons on a classic pine floor and hand-made furnishings. More seating available on the comforable shaded porch.

Full-service kitchen
includes a large gas stovetop and double oven, refrigerators, and all cooking implements for large meals.

Recreation Hall suited for group meetings, presentations, dances, and other social activities.

Each of the three largest bunk cabins (Blue Spruce, Beaver House, and Hidden Valley) has 18-20 bunks, two sinks, two commodes, and two showers.  There also are at least 14 bunks available on the second floor of the Dining Lodge, and it has one sink, one commode, and one shower. 

The Ponderosa, Honor, Beehive and Cook cabins have smaller capacities.

Our eight guest cabins
, surround a 1.3 acre grassy lawn.  Cabins include restrooms and private showers.

NEW! Download a map of our cabins, with bed counts here.


Guest Cabins

Here are the general occupancies per cabin:
  Cabin       Capacity  
Beehive 4
Cook 1
Honor 5
Ponderosa 4
Chow Hall 17
Blue Spruce 16
Beaver 20
Hidden Valley 20